Types of pool liners


If you are up to date on the design of swimming pools, you will have already seen that, before their purchase and installation, several factors must be taken into account. One of them, of great importance to us, is the choice of its liner or technical floor.

In today’s market there are different types of pool liners, all of them suitable to enjoy and make the most of this outdoor construction element. Do you want to make a quality leap in the design of your new swimming pool? Start by choosing the right liner or technical floor.

In today’s article we help you to choose it knowing the pros and cons of the most used materials in the sector. Let’s start!

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Before choosing a technical floor for swimming pool...

Surely you are wondering why the material chosen to cover the floor of any pool is so important. The truth is that the degree of watertightness depends on this material, as well as the ease in the detection and repair of leaks. For that reason, the linings for swimming pools become the neuralgic piece of any work to measure.

However, and before making a firm decision, the team of architects and decorators Molins Design recommends:

  • Choose the aesthetics that best suits the outdoor space. It is very important to think about the optical effect you want to obtain. In fact, the material you decide to place at the bottom of the pool will be key to make an exclusive and totally original model, which also combines with the rest of the architecture of the house.
  • Opt for the most correct sealing. That is to say, to choose the most resistant and impermeable material for joints, to avoid problems of leaks or detachments.
  • Think about the type of maintenance. Choosing the right type of coating also includes thinking about maintenance and cleaning. For example, cleaning a white pool floor is not the same as cleaning a blue or green pool floor.

What types of pool liners are there?

There are an infinite number of options. According to the resistance, durability and watertightness of the material of manufacture we find:

1.- Paint coatings

Although it is not the most common, some new pools choose to cover the bottom with a coat of special paint. It is recommended to first use a special open pore paint, which must be covered with a layer of closed pore paint to seal the chosen color.

The advantage of using this material or coating is undoubtedly its price. Although, maintenance, as you can imagine, will be constant and very costly. After a few years, and depending on the use that will support the pool, it may even be too high an expense.

2.- Ceramic or tile tiling

Suitable for those who want to create spectacular shapes and make your pool the element of distinction of your outdoor area. With the tiles you can create a thousand and one different drawings, shapes and decorative motifs all original. We are talking about a waterproof material, which in most cases is usually easy to install (it all depends on the filigree you want to place on its surface).

It is the second cheapest option on the market, after paint. Its resistance and impermeability is total, although with the passage of time, the tiles can peel or even lose their original color. For this reason, we recommend an annual maintenance of the pool’s interior glass.

3.- Fiberglass coatings

These are highly durable and resistant types of swimming pool liners. Their long useful life -approximately 20 years- make them the technical floors par excellence. In addition, this plastic product offers total watertightness and different finishes that can be adapted to different types of pools.

4.- Stainless steel cladding

A very elastic and flexible technical floor, which offers a sophisticated finish to the outdoor pool of any patio or garden. Steel is a porous and anti-corrosive material, which reduces the risk of cracks. Its disadvantage is its price, which is somewhat higher than the other options. In addition to its daily maintenance to prevent the material from deteriorating over the years.

5.- Tiling with gresite or vitreous mosaic

One of the most popular in the market, used in pool designs where the decorative aspect has a primary focus. In fact, this element or material has been a trend-setter in recent years, creating a beautiful finish and being one of the ideal solutions for all pool projects. It does not absorb water and adapts to all available pool shapes. In addition, this coating or glass pool floor adapts easily to curved areas, oval and even stairs or slopes that may be on the surface to work.

Another point in favor of gresite is that there is a wide variety of colors and textures to choose from, leaving the typical blue background aside. Depending on the exterior aesthetics and in combination with the style and architecture of the house, you can choose different types of tiles for swimming pools in gresite. White, black, gray or green are currently the most popular. Finally, we cannot forget that they are non-slip pavements with minimum maintenance, since their surface is 100% hygienic and anti-allergic.

6.- Lining of liner or PVC sheets

We are talking about a type of bag, made of polyvinyl. One of the most interesting coatings for swimming pools due to its easy adaptation to any pool, resistance and long life. As with the gresite, this material is 100% waterproof and very easy to maintain, even supports different finishes and colors to measure.

This material must be installed by a professional in the sector, to prevent bubbles or small leaks from appearing on the floor. To do this, before installing it, the professional must properly flatten the ground and adapt it for subsequent treatment.  


So much for our selection of materials and types of coatings for outdoor pools. I hope that, once again, we have helped you with ideas and tips to build an exclusive swimming pool with all luxury of details. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the subject or any further information about the design of your new swimming pool, we will know how to guide you and make your idea a reality!