Types of pools


With the arrival of good weather, projects of different types of swimming pools flood our design and architecture studio. In fact, as a result of the pandemic has increased the number of homeowners who have decided to install a pool in the garden at home, to avoid crowds at beaches or municipal pools.   

Therefore, and taking advantage of the fact that we are all with our minds set on our vacations, today we come to talk about that outdoor area so special and loved by all. That constructive element that increases the value of a house exponentially: the swimming pool.

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The truth is that the current market offers different types of swimming pools according to the construction material chosen, its purification system and maintenance. A wide variety that seeks the greatest convenience and comfort for their owners. 

If you are one of those who enjoy like a little child with any outdoor dip, in the following lines we explain the most important and outstanding models as far as pool design is concerned.

Do you feel like cooling off in a pool with an exclusive design? Keep reading!

What do I need to know before choosing my pool?

As we already told you in our post about the design of outdoor pools, the size and condition of the land are key to make a good project of garden with pool. The same goes for the architectural relationship that this design element maintains with respect to your home. In fact, all these factors are indispensable for the construction of any private pool. But these factors are not the only ones. There are other requirements that you will need to answer before choosing the pool model that will preside over the garden of your home:

  • What needs do I want to cover? Before opting for any type of pool, think about how you are going to use it. For example, in single-family houses, large-format pools are usually chosen, which superimpose functionality over aesthetics.
  • What material or style should I choose? Pools can be made of different materials, shapes and colors. It is important that you are clear about what style you want, so that it blends perfectly with the rest of the house.
  • Type of installation and daily maintenance. The swimming pools can be buried in the ground or be of elevated type, everything will depend on if you want to carry out a project of work or not. In addition, before placing any pool in the garden at home, you must be very clear that it will require daily maintenance to keep the water clean and crystal clear for longer.
  • Budget. In many occasions, the election for one of the types of existing swimming pools in the market is marked by the final budget of the owner.

Remember that having a swimming pool is one of the factors that most increases the value of a house. For that reason it is essential to think very well the model or the types of swimming pools that better are going to adapt to your exterior space.

Different types of garden pools

1.- Prefabricated pools

They are those that we buy made to install in an easy and simple way in our garden. In fact, they are characterized by being the most versatile pools on the market. The manufacturing materials used for these models, polyester or reinforced fiberglass, make possible the imitation of any surface (wood, gresite, marble, steel…).

The advantage is that they are easy to install in any outdoor space, as they come in one single piece. In addition, there are different models on the market, with finishes and colors that can be adapted to any style and design.

However, their maintenance is somewhat costly, since these types of pools need a water filtering system, as well as basic and daily care to keep the water in good condition.

2.- Stainless steel pools

One of the most expensive prefabricated pool models on the market, but more resistant to weathering and the passage of time. Its maintenance and cleaning must be done on a regular basis, to avoid corrosion of the metal bottom. But, unlike the rest of prefabricated pools, cleaning the bottom is much easier.

Nowadays, stainless steel pools are a trend thanks to their great aesthetic power. They are very attractive models, which combine perfectly in any outdoor space. In addition, their installation is very easy and simple, since they can be moved in a single block from the factory.

3.- Demountable pools

The cheapest on the market and the easiest to install. They are those that we remove and put when the hot season arrives. They are easy to install, although if we do not perform daily maintenance, every year we will end up dismantling and discarding the pool for a new one.

Its structure is elevated (it rises from the ground), and does not require licenses to place them inside the home. They are made of wood, PVC or resin, inflatable, etc.

4.- Swimming pools

They are one of the most common types of pools, widely known as shotcrete pools. It is to start from scratch with a project in which the ground or garden ground is emptied, to place a metal formwork structure, which is finally covered with concrete that will form the pool. Within these types of swimming pools we find those lined with liner and those of gresite.

The good thing about these pool models is their durability and resistance, in addition to a much cheaper maintenance than the rest. Although, its biggest drawback is the high price compared to other much cheaper options on the market.

In large mansions usually adopt the model of pool with edge or overflowing. If the environment allows it, the ideal is to locate an infinity pool, where the water overflows without blocking the views.

These are very aesthetic types of pools with a unique and exclusive design, which not everyone can afford. Their price is high and their installation reaches high values.

Which of these types of pools do you prefer? We’ll read you in the comments!