While the word vanguardist is closely linked to the world of art and literature, when we talk about avant-garde interior design the concept does not differ much. We include within the vanguardist then everything that is situated in a current era and breaks with the classical concepts.

diseño de interiores vanguardista

Our interventions have always been based on a timeless style, with modern lines and therefore with a strong dose of modernity. In our projects we have created an infinity of avant-garde interiors, both in domestic and commercial interior design in Barcelona.

That is why often, when we visit those bars, restaurants and places of the city that give off avant-garde atmospheres, we get stuck, observing every last detail.

Together with a broad review of what defines avant-garde design, and as a third chapter, we will create a small route through the design of modern restaurants and bars.

Keys to avant-garde interior design

We consider that a space can be considered avant-garde or not when it meets certain requirements in its different layers of analysis, adding all of them and resulting in that style.

We could divide the analysis into three layers: color, materials and furniture and decoration.


The colors are basic and very important in the definition of any space. Not only the generals, but those that we will find in the small details and will bring the nuances.

In this sense the avant-garde interior design makes use of neutral colors for walls and ceilings. Being white, gray and black the protagonists.

However, contrasts with more vivid colors are also observed, sometimes located partially or occupying a single wall around the perimeter.

In this sense they tend to be more limited and, although obviously with exceptions, the materials used for avant-garde interiors are usually wood and aluminum. Especially wood, in its different variants and shades, although for example in kitchens and exteriors aluminum also has a place.


To achieve a closed and consistent style the decoration and the choice of furniture are key aspects.

When we talk about avant-garde furniture, pure forms come to mind, especially those of laminated wood. Furniture of curvilinear forms although simple, always seeking not to load a space with excessive elements.

As for the decoration, it is not necessary to remember that the classic elements, although they will contrast, will be a bit out of the design line. Therefore, for this type of interventions we recommend using elegant and contemporary art, together with modern objects and elements that have just reinforced the concept sought.

Avant-garde in the design of commercial premises in Barcelona

Barcelona has a long history, which makes it a city with a mix of different styles, and its bars and restaurants also reflect it. The 1992 Olympics put Barcelona in the world, attracting people from all over the world and inviting, more if possible, to increase their multicultural character.

Although in the previous deliveries we have reviewed the historical and oldest premises of Barcelona, ​​today we are going to focus on those that stand out for avant-garde interior design and design.


As we have been saying, avant-garde is a broad term and applied according to different interpretations, but this would be our definitive list of the best restaurants with avant-garde interior design. In Molins Design we not only feed on the view, we also love to taste a good dish, so we already advance that in all of them you eat great. The order of the factors does not alter the product, or what is the same, the order does not mark our preference, understand this top 10 for all equally.


1. Tendiez

2. Informal by Marc Gascons

3. Blue Spot

4. Kak Koy

5. Seventy Barcelona

6. The Barcelona Edition

7. Darial

8. Hotel Sofia

9. Aürt restaurant

10. Green Spot