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How to design an office? Mount 2/2


In this chapter, we show you how it is an advanced site visit, halfway through the assembly process of the interior design project of the Inprocess offices.

We explain point by point each of the different spaces that make up the summary of the functionalities in which the office is divided. We review the forecasts regarding facilities and explain the technological challenges we face when solving the entire computer network, racks and other audiovisual elements.

Also, we delve into the different acoustic requirements of the partition walls that we have installed and what performance each of them offer in terms of sound insulation depending on the level of privacy that has to resolve.

Finally, we analyze the high technical performance of the carpet tiles we have chosen for this project, detailing the reasons for their choice and cutting as well as the general approach to the technical lighting project, 60 x 60 cm LED ceiling panels, and we delve into the details of this type of light response, as well as its mounting and installation requirements.