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Cooking surface with invisible induction system

Sistemas de inducción oculta | Molins Design

In this video, we talk about some of the most disruptive and innovative cooking systems in the sector: concealed induction countertops.

In this case, we have a countertop that we have just below this surface and is an induction to use, normal, but with the peculiarity that, in this case, it is stuck, we have it collated below the work surface.

The appearance of this material, is super clean, superintegrade, that is, we have a completely smooth material, in this case, front and the surface of the same material, Here we have a very interesting detail also combining wood with porcelain and you will wonder how this material works. Well, first of all, how one stands cooking here. The material presents, as you will see in detail, a series of sores, a crosshead, which we can make cross or in the form of a small circle and is what places us the working position in which to place the pan or casserole or what we need.