We discover the Mutina factory, specialists in ceramic and porcelain materials



We visited the Mutina factory in Modena, a leading brand in ceramics, at the invitation of our trusted supplier Jòdul

Today’s article is dedicated to two of the things we like to do most: traveling and getting to know the work of our trusted suppliers. In November we had the pleasure of visiting the ceramic material factory Mutina, for us one of the brands with the most interesting ceramic and porcelain designs on the current scene.

Jòdul invited us to the headquarters of this Italian company and allowed us to learn about their latest developments in ceramic tiles. We took advantage of the trip to visit the Mutina showroom and we were able to feel the trends and ideas that their designers have created in their latest collections. Do you want to know how they are inspired to make their creations? We tell you about it!

About Mutina, a leading brand in ceramics

Mutina is the result of the union of several designers who are passionate about ceramic tiles. A material that has been dressing our homes for a long time and that, thanks to Mutina’s team, manages to be a very creative resource.

After more than 30 years of work, this Italian company has embarked on a new path and has become one of the most interesting ceramic material companies at international level. Its way of working challenges all the rules of ceramics in terms not only of scale, texture and composition, but also of experimentation and innovation.

Mutina’s collection of ceramic tiles is endless, both in terms of range of textures and colors. Thus, we can find the most delicate type of ceramics. With refined, soft and surprising finishes. Its range of colors goes from neutral tones to the most daring and vibrant shades. Combinations that, in addition to developing a strong and recognizable identity in the market, obtain a high quality.

In love with the DIN Collection By Konstantin Grcic

We are absolute fans of Mutina’s DIN By Konstantin Grcic collection. This type of porcelain tiles represents a completely different form of classic mosaics. A collection conceived in a strictly modular logic, which allows to play with different sizes, textures and colors, to create from simple to complex concepts.

The versatility we see in these ceramic materials is unlimited and we love the infinite proposal of projects it offers. Whether to cover walls or to be placed in swimming pools, kitchen countertops, etc. Something that we have completely fallen in love with is that the design of these materials is custom-made. They have even created rounded porcelain pieces, to place on edges and thus maintain a linear surface.

DIN By Konstantin Grcic by Mutina becomes a timeless collection, capable of combining various formats, textures and colors. Its geometric shapes are a real world apart and a great explosion of color. It reminded us a bit of naive naive style, don’t you think? Somewhat spontaneous and even surrealistic models. 

Visita Fábrica Mutina - Molins Design
Visita Fábrica Mutina - Molins Design

What did we take away from our visit to the Mutina showroom?

For the Molins Design studio, Mutina is a benchmark. A safe bet to include in any of our projects, whether domestic or commercial interior design. Its ambitious project fascinates us, as does its commitment to contemporary art.

For the leading brand in ceramics, its materials act as a second skin; a type of cladding that adapts perfectly to the space, combining its textures and colors with the interior design we have in hand. Something that, in our opinion, is a success and a safe bet to include in all our interventions.

In our visit to the Mutina factory we were able to see different moodboards or walls of inspiration, combined to perfection both chromatically and aesthetically. The truth is that Mutina’s new collection becomes a great tribute to organic and natural materials. Ceramic resources with rounded shapes and meeting points with the sea, the rocky mountains and nature in general.

One of the things that has fascinated us most about the brand are its combinations in both matte and glossy shades. Although, we have also been surprised by the three-dimensional shapes of each of its design pieces. A fine and innovative finish that helps to improve the incidence of natural light inside the home, thus creating the most interesting spaces.

Fabio Locatteli, commercial director of the brand, showed us different interesting applications in bedheads. He also tells us about the brand’s revolutionary new project: a large collection of paints. This takes on a wide range of colors for wood and other household elements, which combine harmoniously with the brand’s porcelain tiles.

We are delighted with our visit to the Mutina factory and to have learned about the new projects of this very special brand. Thanks to the invitation of Jòdul we have learned new concepts and we leave with many ideas to make reality in future interior design projects. We can only thank our suppliers for giving us so much and teaching us new ways of working.

Grazie mille, Mutina!

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Elementos de revestimiento Mutina
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