We love urban gardens


As a curiosity, and to introduce the subject in question. Did you know that urban gardens were introduced during World War II? The inability to rely on imports and exports because of the general chaos, led to this innovative way to cultivate. improvised spaces as places of culture in order to achieve self-sufficiency, which ended up representing in some places, 40% of food everyday use were created. They were named as “War Gardens”.

Fun facts aside, today, and not from long ago, have returned to integrate these practices in big cities. Accessibility to tools and new knowledge generated again have a tendency to self-cultivation, and hence to enjoy foods that we ourselves have grown and seen it grow to maturity.

Personally, as interior decorators, we really like this trend and we have designed different spaces in many of our projects, adapting outdoor spaces for their dedication.

It may seem that these need a large area, but far from it there are all sizes and shapes, which enables us to adapt to any space. Most of them have the advantage of being portable, so you can change your situation according to the needs of crops. It is also important to adapt the type of irrigation.

A very nice addition to the installation of urban gardens is incorporating fountains or water features, which enliven the space.

Do you still want more reasons to install your own garden? Count on us;)